Deep Tissue Massage

“No pain, no gain” is not part of my practice. If 10 is pain I like to work at 7. Some people call this a “hurt SO good” feeling. A client should be relaxed and able to breath normally, yet present with the uncomfortable areas that I massage. Finding a person’s source of pain and treating it effectively is Deep Tissue Massage. There are various ways to achieve this end.

Clients can expect a thorough assessment and health history intake prior to their first deep tissue massage. After this initial assessment, I’ll give recommendations and verbally explain the techniques I will use prior to performing them. Sometimes I combined myofascial release and other fascial techniques along with stretching and deep muscle pressure. It depend on what the client needs and wants.

Each session is completely individualize and no two sessions will ever be the same.With that said, what will remain consistent with this style of massage is a feeling of being thoroughly worked over and energetically balanced by the end of each session.