Empower Transitions!

An essential program for anyone going through a major transition.

Are you someone who …

  • Is feeling stuck and desire a more fulfilling, authentic life?
  • Wishes to change careers but you don’t quite know how?
  • Is dealing with a difficult life situation such as a divorce or death of a loved one?
  • Is entering a new chapter in life such as midlife, or parenthood?
  • Is relocating or wants to relocate?
  • Desires more work/life balance?

Each Fall and Spring, Self-Transformations offers an 8-week group coaching series for people “in between lives.” The old life is passing away but the new life has yet to emerge.

We begin each weekly 90-minute call with a brief check in, followed by a topic related to the specific transitions of that group.  In a structured yet fun and flexible way, we explore the topic in depth, allowing each participant to share concerns, fears, current limitations and desires.  Multiple coaching tools are used such as brain mapping, journaling, and Reflective Questioning® to gain understanding, move past limitations and create forward momentum for one’s goals.  

We Each …

  • Are going through a major life transition
  • Gain support through sharing & deep listening
  • Come to the call on time with curiosity & presence
  • Uphold strict confidentiality for each participant
  • Give & gain support, assistance & respect as we navigate our unique transitions

Week on week participants build accountability, confidence, understanding, forgiveness and essential clarity for moving through their transitions with grace and ease while creating the outcome they want. They become resourceful regardless of what is happening, and develop skills to succeed in their life or career transitions … making themselves intentional authors of their unique destinies!

Participants will …

  • Develop skills to wisely navigate life’s changes
  • Propel themselves forward at an unprecedented pace
  • Gain clarity & confidence while creating the new chapter
  • Enjoy the process of mutual caring & beneficial support
  • Succeed & feel satisfaction in unexpected ways

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