Group Coaching program

All group coaching includes a once per week 90-minute session for 8 – 12 consecutive weeks depending on the program. Each participant (up to 10 maximum) join together using a collective, private web forum either with their telephone or with their computer and a reliable internet connection.

Prior to the programs start, participants will receive information about the program schedule, expectations and detailed instructions on how to join the program virtually. Each week, sessions are followed up with group emails, study groups and relevant articles based on the programs subject.

Current Programs:

  • Empower Transitions:

Program start times vary.  A new program begins each Fall and Spring every year.  Please Contact Us for information regarding specific start times, early-bird registration, and more program details.

If you register early, (1 month before the start of the next program) you will receive a complimentary one-one-one individual coaching session.