Your Investment

Coaching fees vary per program as per one’s needs and financial condition. Monthly payment arrangements are available as needed at no additional cost.  We will chose the financial arrangement that best fits your ability to pay, supports the strength and integrity of our relationship and makes you shine! 

If you have never worked with me before, your first three sessions are $180.  If after these three sessions you wish to continue with at least a full basic program (12 sessions total), you will receive an additional $100 off. 

For low-income, newly self-employed people and students:

  • Discount Rate:  25% off – $75 per session
  • Single Breakthrough session – $75
  • Tune up – $450
  • Basic – $900
  • Intensive – $1500
  • 2, 3, 4 or 6 payment installment available depending on which program you choose

For middle to high income people and companies:

  • Full Rate:  $100 per session
  • Single Breakthrough session – $100
  • Tune-Up – $600
  • Basic – $1,200
  • Intensive – $2,000
  • 2, 3, or 4 payment installments available depending on which program you choose

Refund for Coaching Services

If you are not fully satisfied with any individual session or program, within 7 days from that session date, you must Contact Us for a full refund of the session or program cost or to receive a substitute session. For group coaching, a full refund will be given prior to the start of the program, 80% after the second session, and no refund given thereafter (special considerations are sometimes made).